By accepting the terms and conditions, the applicant understands and accepts that:

  • Enrolment:
    • Online access to the enrolled course/study material is available for 60 days (unless otherwise specified). Access will be suspended at the end of the access period.
    • The access period is calculated from the date that access is granted in the learning management system (enrolment date), which occurs after full payment has been made.
    • It is the responsibility of the student to ensure the course/study material is accessed and successfully completed (where required) within the access period;
    • Full payment is liable even if the course/study material is not accessed or completed within the access period;
    • Fees paid for courses/study materials via online learning are generally non-refundable. See Refunds below;
    • The number of assessment attempts within an online course is noted throughout the course material. Where a student uses all available assessment attempts and is unable to complete successfully re-enrolment will be required at full course cost;
    • For certain courses, additional requirements may be needed to achieve competency against a required outcome (such as practical training at an Aviation Australia approved location). If you have completed Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) with Aviation Australia, these requirements will be identified in your RPL Report.

  • Course/Study Materials
    • Access to course/study materials is provided electronically via an individual secure login to our Learning Management System (LMS) which can be accessed via the Aviation Australia website;
    • Course materials, course content and assessment are subject to change;
    • The content of the online course materials, including copyright and all other such intellectual property rights, remain the property of Aviation Australia;
    • You are NOT permitted to:
      • Provide other individuals to access or use the course/study materials;
      • Rebrand and/or sell any content within the materials as your own without the prior written consent of Aviation Australia;
      • In any way copy or otherwise distribute the materials without the prior written consent of Aviation Australia.

  • Refunds
    • Pursuant to Australian Consumer Law (ACL), refunds will only be given if the below criteria has been met:
      • Aviation Australia is unable to deliver an online course/study materials for which a student has paid fees; or
      • The student has paid an amount greater than the course/study material fees as advertised at the time of enrolment; or
      • The student is otherwise entitled to a refund pursuant to the ACL.
    • While fees are generally non-refundable, students may have extenuating circumstances that prevent them from completing their study. Where evidence can be provided to support the student’s circumstances, fees may be refunded in full or in part as follows:
      • A 50% refund where materials have not yet been accessed.
      • No refund will be provided after 14 days of the enrolment date.
    • The decision of assessing the extenuating circumstances rests with Aviation Australia and shall be assessed on a case by case basis.

    Privacy Statement

    Aviation Australia is bound by the National Privacy Principles under the Privacy Act 1988. The personal information disclosed by you will be used for the purposes of identifying you and confirming your participation. If applicable, financial information disclosed by you will be used only for the purposes of affecting the transaction to which it relates and will be kept securely until legally able to be deleted. Otherwise, the personal information disclosed will be used by us to communicate with you about our products and services.

    Information collected about you on this form and during your enrolment can be provided, in certain circumstances, to the Australian Government and designated authorities. In other instances information collected on this form or during your enrolment can be disclosed without your consent where authorised or required by law. Aviation Australia has the right to share information about your course and progress with your sponsor or educational representative, where applicable.

    By providing your private email address on this form, students accept that they are giving permission to Aviation Australia to communicate with them on any matters relating to enrolment at Aviation Australia, which may include requests to complete surveys.

    Aviation Australia obligations

    Aviation Australia will ensure it provides you with a quality of service that will assist you as much as possible in attaining your outcome. We undertake to abide by all our policies and procedures.

    Aviation Australia agrees to:

    • Provide a tax invoice;
    • Provide login details to the LMS, access the online materials (or alternative access), mark assessments and provide feedback where applicable on submitted assessment tasks;
    • Provide support with accessing and using the LMS via email throughout the enrolment;
    • Where the course requires submission of an assessment; this will be marked within 30 days of submission online;
    • An electronic Certificate of Completion will provided upon successful completion of an online course (if applicable).